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Author: Erin Elizabeth

7 ways to reduce obesity causing chemicals in your home

Research presented at the 20th European Congress of Endocrinology in Barcelona once again draws attention to hormone-disrupting chemicals and their suspected link to obesity. Researchers from two Portuguese universities evaluated current studies on obesity-causing chemicals, also known as “obesogens,” to determine where people are most likely to come in contact with them. Based on the findings, the team made seven recommendations to minimize the buildup of obesogens in your body and home. Habits such as dusting regularly, eating pesticide-free food and removing your shoes when entering the house were called out as positive steps to fight obesity. Let’s take...

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Register to watch for FREE: The Real Skinny on Fat

You may have seen me make reference to the documentary I’m in- The Real Skinny on Fat- over the last couple of days. Well, I’m excited to be able to provide you with the opportunity to watch the entire thing- FOR FREE! Click on the link below to register and they will email you when the documentary goes live—–>>>>>>>CLICK HERE! For Decades We’ve Been Getting Fatter Since the dawn of the industrial revolution and access to plentiful yet increasingly unhealthy “fast” food… we’ve been getting fatter, aging more quickly and just becoming downright sicker. In fact, studies show a dramatic increase...

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The bedtime mistakes that are making you gain weight

If you’ve been stuck in a constant cycle of losing and gaining weight no matter what you do, you may be focusing on the wrong weight loss tactics. Believe it or not, your bedtime routine may be a contributing factor to your weight gain, but the good news is that by adjusting your routine slightly you can get back on track to reach your desired goal weight. #1. Late Night Munchies At the end of a long day, when we sit down to watch our favorite TV show, it’s hard not to reach for the popcorn. But, a study...

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Erin Elizabeth talks about the Joovv Light that helped save her skin

Have you ever heard of the Joovv Light? If not, check it out here. Personally, I absolutely love my Joovv Light. And given that I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a collagen connectivity disorder that affects the skin, my Joovv has helped me so much. So, last time I was at Cal Jam as the keynote speaker to thousands of holistic doctors, I stopped in Southern California to do this interview about how life-changing the Joovv has been for me! For more info or to purchase a Joovv Light, click...

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The boys are not alright

By the World Mercury Project team Over the past decade or so, the term “gender gap” has taken on a new and heretofore unimaginable usage. Instead of signaling pay gaps or gender differentials in voting patterns, “gender gap” now seems to be shorthand for male decline and weakness in domains as varied as education, employment and health. Referring to the novel Atlas Shrugged and its focus on “the motor of the world,” physician-author Leonard Sax suggests that “we may be living in…a time when the motor that drives the world is running down or stuck in neutral—but only for boys.” As children’s exposure to potent environmental toxicants...

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